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Coffee and Conservation

This webinar is designed to help the University faculty/staff and state/federal/NGOs expand their knowledge and awareness of natural resource conservation efforts across the state and beyond. The structure of the webinar will be approximately 15-20 minutes for the presenter followed by 40-45 minutes of discussion. This will include discussion of ways we can collectively work together as a Conservation Community/Conservation Team to achieve landscape-level conservation success.

Discussions are generally the last Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm central time.

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Are you dealing with wildlife damage in your backyard? Do have too many deer? Do you have voles in your yard? Find out more information at the UNL Wildlife Extension website.

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  • Lone Fox in Snow
  • fox hunts bluejay
    Courtesy of Sam Wilson
  • Foxes at play
    Courtesy of Eric Fowler
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